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Nutrition Services

If you have a problem with:

– Anti-aging
– Detoxification
– Hormonal imbalances

What is Nutrition Education?

According to the WHO Nutrition Education does not only contemplate the dissemination of information about foods and their nutrients, but also provides the tools to know what to do and how to act to improve nutrition. The Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness Group provides technical assistance to countries so that they develop policies and programs that contribute to fostering public understanding of the importance of healthy nutrition; the creation of environments that facilitate the selection of healthy food options and the creation of capacities, both for individuals and institutions to adopt nutritional and nutritional practices that promote good health.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • You feel fatigue, lack of energy
    You lose concentration
    It is difficult for you to lose weight or gain weight
    You have hair loss, dry skin
    You recognize you do not feed yourself properly
    In your family there are diseases that can be hereditary

Meal Planning

According to the personalized feeding plan you can choose from a variety of options for your day to day. Also remember my health planner (My health planner) will help you have a better organization.

Guaranteed Results

Yes, 3 months is the minimum necessary to lose weight healthy, and if you still do not believe me you can read the testimonies of some of my patients.

Custom Plans

In order to create your TOTALLY personalized food plan, I must meet you and for that we will work together in the clinical and nutritional history and thus know your preferences, what I least want is that you get bored with the plan.

Coaching or Couple Services

15% Off For Group Sessions!

Cooking at Home

Por falta de tiempo, de conocimientos o de ganas, cada vez hay más personas que no  cocinan. Para algunos, cocinar es un placer y no lo cambiarían por nada, pero para muchos, se trata de una actividad obsoleta gracias a los restaurantes, las aplicaciones para pedir comida a domicilio y los alimentos precocinados.

Yo te ayudaré a cambiar de opinión con mis recetas saludables.



Finding a Balance

By feeding you healthy you have the option of being able to adjust your diet at any time. And why not try one of your favorite foods? The tastes are also valid in my program!



Building a Routine

– You will cook and eat more nutritious food

– You will receive education and you will have nutritional creativity

– Awareness of what you eat

– Control your portions

– Incredible economic savings


Other Nutrition Guidance

Ask me any questions you have, I am here to help you.

Sports Nutrition

In this service I recommend the consumption of carbohydrates, proteins and fluid intake to improve your performance as an athlete and athletes, taking into account the metabolism of the body when subjected to long days of physical demand.

15 Min of free consultation

Plans from £ 35 / month


If you are an athlete, plan to have a baby, suffer from some condition or simply have a deficiency of some nutrient I can guide you to choose the right supplement and combine it with our food plan.


Included in any of the nutrition programs

Weight Loss

The Nutrition for Weight Loss program is a program that dedicates commitment and motivation, and I assure you will learn for life.

15 Min of free consultation

Plans from £ 55 / month

Speaking Services

Available only in London at the moment.

Limited Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s clarify the nutritional myths!

Carbohydrates are harmful at any time?

Carbohydrates have been discredited for a very long time. But as in any other facet, if we maintain a correct intake without exceeding too much, starches and other carbohydrates need not be perfused

Eggs (yolks) are bad for you

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, fat, and other nutrients. Its association with cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol is exaggeratedly pretentious.

Red meat causes Cancer

Fears about red meat and cancer are exaggerated. By eliminating other factors that are at risk of cancer, such as smoking, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the options for meat to cause cancer will be reduced.

Saturated fat is bad for you

Saturated fat by itself does not cause heart failure or cardiovascular disease. In fact, diets low in fat that avoided the saturated, are those that tend to see reduced testosterone production.

Too much protein can damage bones and kidneys

The protein, even in high amounts, is not harmful to your bones and kidneys

Eating small meals during the day increases your metabolism

Although digestion increases the metabolic rate, this effect is insignificant when compared with the actual caloric content of the food consumed.

Vanessa Rojas

Nutritionist and Dietitian

I am Vanessa Rojas, Nutritionist and Dietitian graduated from the Central University of Venezuela. It is necessary that you know that I do not like Diets and besides being a professional I help you with my experience. Registered in the United Kingdom As a Dietitian DT30314.


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